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Is the Pandemic a Wake-up Call for the End of Offshoring?

The pandemic has disrupted businesses around the world. And even as many countries begin to emerge from its shadow and work toward recovery, it seems likely that many of the resulting changes will linger. Employers have given their people greater freedom to work from home if their jobs permit it. If not, measures for workplace

Welcome to Parenthood: Changes to Make When Living with a Child

Many people welcoming a baby into their respective families consider the event as a blessing. The child is an exciting addition that will bring couples closer to each other and will lead to a happy and fulfilling life. However, you have to remind yourself that it is also a responsibility. A baby will not be

Setting up a Glamping Site in an Urban Center

With people discovering the fun of camping and RV living, these outdoor recreational activities that have been the only options during the pandemic would surely live on in the new norm. But for sure, people who are used to resorts and hotels are missing this kind of amenities. Glamping is not a new concept. It

Taking Care of a Family Member with Dementia

There’s nothing more heart-wrenching than watching your loved one fall victim to dementia — seeing them struggle with their basic recollection, explode in sudden bursts of rage, and experience random episodes of paranoia. Globally, there are 50 million individuals who have dementia. This disease comes with old age and poses no cure. It weakens an

How to Cope with Status Pressure in an Uncertain and Unequal New Reality

Who can resist the urge to compare themselves to others now and then? With social media at our fingertips, we often do so without even noticing. Swiping through posts from the people you follow can either give you a sense of satisfaction or a nagging feeling that you’re somehow missing out. Dealing with the pressure

Essential Gear Your Child Needs for Online Learning

Singapore is slowly flattening the curve in COVID-19 cases, but the pandemic is far from over. And even if vaccines are being developed at record speeds, it’ll take some more testing to make sure they’re safe for public consumption. That means that high schools for international students and local ones are going to continue with

Back on the Market: Opening up to Dating Again

Property owners want to make sure that no unauthorized person enters their premises. Building a concrete wall that is both tall and thick is an effective security measure that would keep unwanted people away. Something similar would exist on those who have just had their hearts broken, but this one likes to keep away people

Mental Health Concerns of People with Disabilities

When it comes to the subject of disability, many healthcare articles might only tackle physical health and coping with grief. Its impact on mental health might be touched on slightly, but what many people don’t know about is the quality of mental health care disabled patients receive. Depression and suicidal thoughts are more common among

Setting Up a Smart Home for Your Beloved Senior

Smart homes have been gaining popularity. They have made many lives easier by helping homeowners manage their homes and households efficiently. Home automation systems can make independent living possible for seniors. If you have seniors in your family who do not want to live in an assisted home, setting up a smart home is your

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