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Helping Your Child Cope with a Sports-related Injury

Every athlete knows that the risk of obtaining an injury is always a possibility. As parents, it is your job to make sure that they are safe despite the risks present in their sports of choice. But for children and teens, they may find it hard to cope. This is especially true if their injuries stop them from playing their favorite sports. What can parents do to help their athletic children heal faster and cope with their injuries?

Aside from taking them to the doctor to get the right diagnosis and treatment, it is also a must that you be there to show your support. Here are examples of things that you can do to help your child cope better after a sports-related injury.

Encourage them to eat a healthy diet

Any athlete recovering from an injury needs to eat a healthy diet for better healing and faster recovery. The type of diet they need to eat will depend on their doctor’s recommendation. Watch the calorie they take in as the added weight can only slow their recovery. Some will need to eat food rich in magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin D to facilitate bone and tissue restoration. Omega-3-rich food is a good choice if there is inflammation present.

Consider physical therapy

Your good orthopedics doctor in Provo may recommend your child to undergo physical therapy. This is to ensure that their body remains strong and active. This will also help your child’s injured body regain its strength. They will tell you the number of times they need to undergo physical therapy each week and for how long each session will take.

Offer support to your child

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Your child needs you now more than ever. If you can show them that you can be their rock in times like this, you can improve your relationship and help them get back on their feet at a faster rate. Always be willing and patient enough to listen. Be the one to tell them that going back to the field with an injury will only make their situation worse. They may feel angry, impatient, and depressed. Validate their feelings, but make sure to be the one to lift their spirits.

Allow your child to still be a part of the team

Having an injury should never be the end of your child’s athletic career. They may not be able to play just yet, but that doesn’t mean that they can no longer attend practice, offer support to their team, or be a leader. Allow them to still get involved; don’t discourage them from returning to their team once healed.

It is scary to think about your child getting injured due to their love of sports. However, if they have already found their passion, it is your job to support them all the way. You may feel like one injury is more than enough reason for them to stop. But if they really like what they are doing and their doctor tells you that they can still continue playing after they recover, then show your support. Don’t let a missed season or two stop them from pursuing their dreams.

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