Wedding gown fitting

How to Go for a Wedding Gown Fitting

Most brides highly anticipate the prospect of having their wedding gowns made – and the day they finally get to try them. This experience is a special milestone in your life; thus, you want to feel and look amazing at your wedding gown fittings.

Today, we will discuss a few things that you should keep in mind when it comes to fitting your bridal gown specially made at a shop in Provo or elsewhere.

Be Yourself

You might have heard this a thousand times, but have you ever asked yourself why, exactly, this is important? The designer usually pays takes his or her cue from your personality and character traits, as this helps them figure out what you want in a wedding gown. This will help them suggest styles and add-ons to your gowns because, of course, they’ve seen hundreds of brides with different personalities and styles come in and out of their shop.

They might even ask you a bit about your story and romantic journey, to get a more inspired design idea. You should also be open, though, about your preferences and any insecurity that you may have about your body and the design.

Be Open to Change

Most brides today take a lot of inspiration from online magazines and bridal websites. They usually take some images with them to the bridal gown shop to show as a design peg to their designer and stylist.

However, every woman has a different silhouette, which means that you’d have to take yours into consideration. The gown in the photo might not exactly be flattering for your body type, but that’s totally okay and you should not get discouraged by this. Just be open to change and discuss this with your designer so you can find the gown that best suits your body type and shape.

Consider a Lightweight Gown

Fitting a wedding gownHeavier gowns are no longer a popular design choice, nowadays. Of course, there are still some brides that prefer to have that traditionally heavier gown, but most women today tend to go for lightweight bridal gowns instead.

Besides, you’d have to think about walking down the aisle slowly, which will be a bit harder if you are wearing a heavier gown. Ask your designer if you can wear a lightweight gown so it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle for you to move and walk around.

It’s Always Up to you

The style and make of your bridal gown always come down to your preference. Sure, you can have your friends and family around for the fitting and you definitely can ask for their opinion, but the final decision will always be yours for the making.

Go with your gut feeling and with a gown that makes you radiate confidence and beauty – and don’t let others talk you into getting a gown if you feel like it isn’t for you.

These tips are there to guide your bridal gown fitting experience, but you really just need one good tip: be confident and everything else will follow! Good luck and may you find the perfect gown!

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