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How to Organize Your Attic as a Display Area for Toys

There’s nothing like the anticipation and excitement of getting brand new collectible toys and enjoying the process of opening it up for the first time. However, unlike your childhood toys, these collectibles are meant to be appreciated and enjoyed from afar — or display perspective. If you’re scant on space, now’s the time to use your attic.

Even if you’re the most organized person, organizing an attic and transforming it into a display area can be challenging. Just like how your solid-surface kitchen countertop provides ample space, they can quickly become a disaster area.

To help you show off your toy collection, here’s you can organize your attic just for that.

Consider the Surroundings

Before anything else, you need to know how ‘climate-controlled’ your attic is. If there’s no ventilation, it may get scorching in the summer and freezing in the winter, which doesn’t translate with most items, especially toy collectibles. If this is the case, you can store them in climate-controlled storage units or pay to extend your HVAC system into this space.

Declutter Your Attic

Now that you’ve sold the potential issues you may face in the attic, take everything out of the room. Doing this is especially crucial if your attic isn’t climate-controlled, making it harder for you to organize the space. After clearing out your things, clean the attic to ensure your toy collection shines through.

Choose the Right Display Cases

The most popular and affordable display case for toy collectibles is the Detolf glass cabinet from Ikea. That’s because it has three glass shelves spaced perfectly for most collectibles, allowing collectors to showcase their collection safely, securely, and in style. You can also go for a bookcase with a glass door. But be warned, the shelves in these aren’t as deep as the Detolf glass cabinet. The latter is ideal for dioramas or setup scenes you may have for your collectibles.

Add Shelves

If your display cases aren’t enough to showcase your collection or have items enclosed in plastic boxes, use shelves. If your attic doesn’t have any existing ones, you can either buy some pre-made plastic shelving units or build your own. Whatever you do, ensure it’s sturdy enough to handle the weight of your collectibles to help you display them proudly without worry.


Arrange the Toys Correctly

When you’ve set everything up, it’s time to arrange your collectibles. A common mistake many toy collectors make when doing this part is overcrowding. If your space permits, try to display your figures with enough space to get viewed without one obstructing the other. After all, your toy collectibles are works of art, and since you intend to display them, you may as well do it where you and guests can see all the littlest details.

If you’ve thought your attic was just a bunch of wasted space in your home, think again. With a bit of effort, time, and the tips mentioned can help you transform it into a room you could be proud of, showing off your prized collection safely and efficiently — maximizing this overlooked space in your home.

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