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Making a Good Impression: Why Your Looks Matter

If you want to make a good impression on people, whether it is for a job application, a possible romantic partner, or a stranger with who you just want to make friends, you have to look your best. Yes, it may sound bad because looks are only skin deep and may be deceiving. But it is a fact and is in our human nature to judge what we see and base our first impressions on other people’s appearances. And this first impression can last until we actually get to know them more through talking and interacting with them.

As preparation for presenting ourselves to others, here are some of the things that people automatically get drawn to when making first impressions:

A Gleaming Smile

One of the most important things to do when trying to make a good impression is to smile. Smiling is important because it signals openness and approachability. Other factors go into how people interpret smiles such as how quickly you smile and how wide your smile goes as an indication of sincerity. But the general appearance of the smile matters.

The teeth can distract from your smile if they have flaws like discoloration and crookedness. This is why some people get treatments such as innovative dental implants, dental brackets, and teeth whitening to make their toothy grins more pleasing.

Healthy Skin

Having clear and healthy skin can signal to others that you actively take care of yourself as it can be achieved mostly by eating healthy foods, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. It can also be achieved by having a good skin regimen but your lifestyle choices contribute the most. Certain choices that you make like smoking and doing drugs will affect your skin.

This can make people have a bad impression of you. Some employ the help of dermatologists to treat especially difficult skin types. Make-up, on another note, can be used to enhance your image but an improper or inappropriate application can send the wrong message.

Clothing Choices

The clothes that you wear will also say a lot about you. The color of your clothes can mean different things and can incite different reactions from different people. Wearing the right clothing according to the formality of the event or situation that you are in can say that you put importance on good etiquette. The condition of the clothes that you wear will also reflect some parts of you like how you take care of your possessions and the like.

This also extends to the wearing of accessories. Accessories are things that add spice to your wardrobe. Knowing how much spice to add and knowing the right place and time to add it will definitely help you to manage how people see you.

Proper Hair

An appropriate haircut or hairstyle that suits your image and personality can make you more approachable. You can look younger or more mature because of the color and the style of your hair. Depending on how you want to be viewed and the occasion where you need a good first impression, your personality will also definitely show through the way you wear it.

Another important factor here is hygiene. You definitely wouldn’t want others to see you shedding hair and dandruff while out in public. The state of your hair like its texture, shine, and brittleness can reveal many of your hygiene habits.

Good Posture and Body Language

Your posture and body language can say a lot about your confidence. Sitting and standing tall can say that you are comfortable in your own skin. It can say that you are optimistic in viewing your life and that you are strong in facing life’s adversities. Slouching and looking down, on the other hand, can say that you are timid and pessimistic. You might be seen as more difficult to deal with which can steer people away from you.

The way you move and position your body also contributes to how people can approach you. You may be telling people to not talk to you if you always have your arms crossed. Opposite to this, having your arms on your sides and leaving your torso open can make you look more welcoming.

Taking care of your appearance is important but this is only the first step. It’s like having your foot in the door but you’re not inside yet. The words that will come out of your mouth and the confidence that you will show can make or break your first impression. With that in mind, the most important thing, which is your personality, must now take the center stage and show the real you.

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