Mere Disciple

Mere Disciple is a guide for young adults that offers a fresh perspective on what discipleship to Jesus demands in our day. It will inspire those who are tired of half-hearted Christianity by offering transformative insights into the nature of discipleship and practical help in following Jesus faithfully.

Part I: Foundations explores the worldview foundations that need to be adopted in order for genuine discipleship to take root in our lives.

Part II: Money, Sex, and Power offers advice on dealing with the three great idols of money, sex and power, and how discipleship to Jesus can redeem and transform our relationship to each.

Part III: Into the Kingdom focuses on creating a plan for daily discipleship, providing the tools and strategies needed to make discipleship to Jesus a lived reality.

From the Introduction:

“This is the time in our lives when all of the struggles, all of the questions, all of the anxieties and uncertainties need to become secondary to Jesus’ call of discipleship.  It’s not that the struggles and questions we face are unimportant, it’s that they’re so important that to refuse to ground them in the person and power of Jesus is reckless.  Trying to figure life out on your own sounds heroic to some, but we don’t hold the answers to what we’re dealing with: Jesus does.”

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