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Pet Welfare: Caring for Your Furry Friends During the Pandemic

The pandemic has caused a lot of fear and uncertainty to people. This has taken people by surprise, and in only a matter of short weeks, businesses have closed, and people were told to shelter in place. All in the name of trying to contain the virus.

This is an anxious time for pets too. Most of them might be delighted that their owners are at home all day, ready to play with them, but the change is what makes them anxious. Where they were ready to be alone all day and see their masters at the end of the day, right now, they’re together most of the time. A boot camp for pets or a training camp is a good way of re-training them. Most of them, though, are closed at this time too.

It’s all a matter of adjusting, so says experts who specialize in vet behavioral medicine. While you adjust to the situation, you shouldn’t forget about your pets too. Here are some ideas that should work in helping your pets adjust.

Know Your Vet’s Updated Schedule

You need to be on top of your pet’s health during this time. You don’t want your furry friend or fur baby to become sick, and you don’t know what to do, don’t you? This is why you should have an idea of your vet’s schedule, just as you know what the hospital’s schedule is.

Call your local vet to find out what protocols are being done during the pandemic. If they’ve shortened the hours of their consultation or if they’ve adopted new practices for walk-in customers, you should have an idea of how to bring your pets in case they need attention.

It’ll make things easier if you really need to bring your pets in for a check-up or an emergency. There might be a few cases where telemedicine works just as fine, too.

Know Your Pets’ Routine and Keep It Consistent

If you don’t need to bring your pet in right away, keep their health routine in mind. This means you need to know what food they’re eating, what time they drink their vitamins, and other things related to their health regimen.

This is easy if you’re the one staying at home, but if you’re working at home, for the time being, have your companions at home update you on what your pets need. Try to know if there’s something out of place with the routine, which you might refer to the vet whenever you need to bring them in.

Prepare for the Situation

The pandemic is hard for all people. If it’s like that for them, how much more for pets? You should be prepared for anything that might happen with a month’s worth of supplies for your pets. This means you should include any supplements or medication that they need to take.

Many pet food stores may also have closed their physical stores but maintain a presence online. You can order from them on their online platforms and choose to pick them up or have them delivered right to your doorstep.

Treat Your Pets Like Family

It’s better to remember that your pets are as stressed as you are at the moment. The pandemic is a big change; they’re not as perceptive to this change at the best of times. Ensure that their behavioral needs are also met too, and you’ll have an easier time dealing with the situation.

You should also protect them from the virus as much as you’re protecting yourself. Study shows that there are animals—cats, in particular—which are more susceptible to being infected. For their part, your dogs appear safe from the virus, as do chickens and ducks, and they can’t transmit the virus as well.

Gentleness Goes a Long Way

If you notice that your pets are stressed and are behaving strangely, schedule a consultation with your vet. It helps if you treat them with gentleness and kindness during the pandemic. Remember that they have feelings, too, and your kind behavior toward them shouldn’t change no matter what.

Shelter them in place so that you know they won’t be infected with the virus. Avoid play dates as that would only break the protocols for maintaining distance. Keep them on a leash and keep them sheltered, and you’ll be fine.

The pandemic is a challenge that can only be overcome if everyone worked together. That goes for our pets, which have also become indispensable partners in making sure we avoid becoming depressed by the situation.

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