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One-Minute Review: “Free” by Mark Scandrette

This week my pal Dallas Friesen gave me a copy of Free: Spending Your Time and Money On What Matters Most by Mark Scandrette.  My goal was the read it in a week.

I read it in a little over 5 days.


Here’s my one-minute review:


“What’s ‘Free’ all about?”
Free is a no-nonsense, how-to guide on living with greater presence and purpose.  Free offers a steady stream of ideas, experiments, stories, and worksheets (lots of worksheets!) that are all focused on one thing: getting you to take practical, simple steps to live into a life that is free from anxiety, fear, meaninglessness, debt, and self-centredness.

“Should I read it?”
Absolutely.  I’ve read a lot of books on the subjects of stewarding one’s time and money, and Free would contend for the top spot.  At worst, it will provide you with quite a few Kingdom “gut-checks” as you explore whether or not your use of time and money is actually aligned to what matters most.  At best, this book could launch you into an entirely new way of living out your faith with integrity, joy, and purpose.  I think Free is particularly helpful for those of us who are seeking to exchange the self-serving, materialistic scripts we’ve inherited from our culture for Jesus’ counter-cultural path of simplicity, generosity, and self-sacrifice.