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Top 10 Jordan B Peterson Videos

Dr. Jordan B Peterson (University of Toronto) has rocketed to prominence over the last few months. You can familiarize yourself with his career and recent controversy here.

As a psychology junkie, I’ve invested many hours into Peterson’s lectures (which are available for free via his YouTube channel).  I’ve come to admire the rare coherence of intellectual rigor, passionate conviction, and personal humility that defines his work.

In no particular order, here are 10 of the best videos that showcase Peterson’s brilliance:

  1.  Recognizing Your Own Evil

2. How Pornography Affects Young Men

3. You Need a Partner Who is a Challenge

4. Growing Up and Being Useful is The New Counterculture

5. The Importance of Having a BEST Friend

6. How to Fight Social Anxiety

7. “You can’t force me to respect you.”

8. The Greatest Speech Every Student Should Hear

9. Dismantling Identity Politics

10. The Idea of Cultural Appropriation is Nonsense