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Best Devotionals for Children and Teens

Finding quality devotional resources for children and teens isn’t always easy.  There are tons of formats and hundreds of options to choose from once you start looking.  It can get pretty overwhelming.

But getting resources that help our children understand and apply the Bible’s teachings is critical, so I’m going to highlight the best devotionals for ages 3-18.

Spoiler alert: they are all produced by CWR!

I’m highlighting CWR’s line of devotions for children and teens for a few reasons:

1. Theologically solid.  My exposure to these devotionals over the years has never failed to impress.  The writers of these devo’s are rock-solid theologically and cover a broad range of biblical topics, themes, and books through their materials.

2. Accessible themes and language.  I wish I was half as creative as these writers!  Every month they do an excellent job of tying together biblical themes with cultural currents that make for easy engagement.  The tone and language of the devotionals are straightforward, punchy, and fun.

3. Easy of access.  Although produced in the United Kingdom, all of these devotionals can be shipped to your door via a subscription service.

Available Devotional Resources (with store links)

PensPENS (Ages 3-6)


TopzTOPZ (Ages 7-11)


CaptureYP’s (Ages 11-15)


MettleMettle (Ages 14-18)


Free eBook: “A Theology of Star Wars”

In anticipation of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, ThinkChristian has published a free eBook that explores the major theological themes of episodes 1-6.

  • The “scale” of hope in A New Hope
  • The theme of rebirth in The Empire Strikes Back
  • A defense of Ewoks in The Return of the Jedi
  • God’s election, midi-chlorians, and The Phantom Menace
  • Jedi pacifism and violence in Attack of the Clones
  • The conflict between calling and family in Revenge of the Sith

It’s very well done, and has got me even more fired up about seeing (and theologically analyzing) The Force Awakens!

You can download the free eBook here.