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“What do you believe about…Christianity and Science?”

Several times a year I’m asked the question: “What do you believe about Christianity and Science?”  Sometimes the question is posed directly over a coffee.  Other times it expresses itself through a concerned mother seeking faith-forming, but scientifically robust literature for her children.  Recently, the question was nested within a conversation with someone who had been grappling with questions of origin and meaning that had arisen from their undergraduate studies.

“What do you believe about Christianity and science?” is an enormous question that extends out into thousands of branching considerations and a seemingly endless subset of questions.  To address these in one fell swoop is neither possible nor pragmatic.  Instead, I thought I would highlight a resource that has helped me sharpen my thinking around this question and cultivate an integrated perspective between my biblical convictions and the scientific data.

That resource is BioLogos.

BioLogos seeks to help “the church and the world to see the harmony between science and biblical faith as we present an evolutionary understanding of God’s creation.” 

BioLogos’ five core commitments:

  1. We embrace the historical Christian faith, upholding the authority and inspiration of the Bible.
  2. We affirm evolutionary creation, recognizing God as Creator of all life over billions of years.
  3. We seek truth, ever learning as we study the natural world and the Bible.
  4. We strive for humility and gracious dialogue with those who hold other views.
  5. We aim for excellence in all areas, from science to education to business practices.

In an often polarized environment where biblical faith is presumed to be antithetical to reason (and vice-versa), I’m extremely grateful for BioLogos.  Their team is doing some heavy lifting; thoughtfully challenging the dismissive caricatures that each side of this “debate” has often resort to in the quest for legitimacy.  Refusing to play within the confines of the “warfare” model of faith vs. science, BioLogos’ contributors are crafting an intellectual framework that upholds both biblical and scientific integrity.  They are reasonably, faithfully, and joyfully pointing us towards the full riches of complete understanding as they celebrate Christ, “in whom are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge (Colossians 2:3).

Whether you’re wading into these waters for the first time, or swimming in the deep end of this ongoing discussion, I’d highly recommend BioLogos’ five article series on Christianity and Science found here: http://biologos.org/common-questions/christianity-and-science

The question, “What do you believe about Christianity and Science?”  is one that deserves the best from our intellectual capacities.  We do not honor God by skirting this issue due to laziness or dismissing it away while professing the virtues of holding to a “simple faith.”  We are called to love God with all of our minds (Matt. 22:37; Prov. 18:15), and in response to that calling we endeavor to bring our best thinking to bear on these questions, seeking to articulate a worldview that is faithful to the witness of both Scripture and science.  I hope BioLogos becomes a helpful resource to you on that journey.